Welcome to my new blog. Have a look around, make yourself at home.

Home is a funny thing: how do we define it, how do we look for it in the past? How can we establish the differences between houses and homes? Is living somewhere enough? When have we outgrown our homes, when are we ready to move on? When did people in the past make decisions to move on, and what were those decisions based on?

In a digital world, we make little corners of the vast Internet expanse our homes. My old online “house” is still there, its fabric still standing. But I’m looking forward to building a new place here, and making it home.

Homes are personal, and this blog will be personal in many ways. Things happen in my life that affect how I feel about what I study, what I work on. That work, that study, is focused on things that happened to other people in the past: the recent past, the distant past, the almost unimaginable past. It’s about trying to figure out those events, those happenings, through objects.

That’s what I’ll be doing in this new online home.