Lost Civilisations: The Etruscans

My new book is out today! You can order your copy here.

Or it’s at various online repositories. Or your local bookshop can order a copy in for you. I would love to hear your thoughts on reading it. Here are some of mine on writing it.

I have wanted for a long time to write a book for a general audience on the Etruscans. There’s a bit of a gap between enormous coffee table books/ academic volumes and the (I imagine excellent- I haven’t read it as I didn’t want to be too influenced by its probably brilliance) Very Short Introduction book by Christopher Smith, Director of the British School at Rome and all round Italian archaeology superhero. When people asked me what they should read about the Etruscans, I pointed them towards the latter volume, or if I thought they were really keen, to Vedia Izzet’s Archaeology of Etruscan Society.

But I wanted something in the middle. Something that was accessible but meaty. Something that put the Etruscans into more of their modern context, something that analysed not only the ancient remains, but the way they have been used, imagined and reimagined over the interceding centuries. I really wanted to explore the relevance of Etruscan stories and things to our world today.

I hope this middle way works for you, the readers. I hope it challenges you. I hope it gets you thinking. I hope you have fun.

And I hope to hear from you. Again, do get in touch if you want to share your thoughts.

**The book retails at £15.00 or $25.00. I think this is pretty reasonable for a hardback. It was VERY important to me that the pricing be as accessible as the prose.**

**Huge thank yous to Anthony Tuck for his very kind words that appear on the jacket, and his support over the years, as well as to a huge number of other people who get shout-outs in the acknowledgements.**